Outdoor Lanterns to Spice Up Your Garden


One of the most important aspects of a garden is lighting. It might not attract a lot of attention during the day, but once night comes the proper lighting fixtures can make or break the entire look of your garden. That is why you want to make sure that you make the right choices. When it comes to patio umbrella lights, it is best to go with something practical and energy-efficient. However, if you also want to add a unique aspect to your overall look, you can do so with the outdoor lanterns that can come in a wide variety of design choices.

1. Classic Candles in Jars
This is a good choice if you want to go with the classic and simple look. They fit well if you are using a traditional theme for the garden decorations. They might look old and worn out, but a lot of effort is gone into actually recreating that appearance using modern materials.

Candles in Jars

2. Shoji Lanterns
These look great on a patio, but the main issue here is to have somewhere to install them since they need to hang from a structure placed above. The best part about these lanterns is that solar Shoji lanterns are also available which are more energy-efficient.

Shoji Lanterns

3. Paper Lanterns
These are another favorite that can be found in many gardens all over the world. They come with multiple benefits: they are inexpensive, easy to install, easy to replace and the fact that they are made from paper means that you can get them in a wide variety of designs and colors.
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