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I recently had the opportunity to review an absolutely adorable handbag from Oasap.  This handbag is a beautiful shade of pink.  On their website, they state it is a rose color, and the handbag in their picture looks darker colored than what I actually received.  Even though the color is different than I was expecting, I still love this handbag!

The picture on their website:

rose handbag

What it actually looks like:

Quite a difference, right?  Oh well, I really do still love it!

This bag is the perfect size for me.  I like bags that are big enough to carry a lot of stuff in, but not so big and bulky that they weigh me down.  I found this one to be just right.

The handbag has a great, sturdy zipper, which opens and closes easily.  There’s nothing I hate more than a handbag that’s hard to get into!

The inside of the handbag is lined in black, and there are some great pockets inside, with pink accents that match the outside of the handbag.

I love this zippered pocket on the inside.  That’s a great place to stash my feminine products!


Here is a good view of the inside to show you just how much room is inside.  I can fit lots of stuff in here, and that makes me very happy!

On the sides of the handbag, there are buttons you can snap to give the purse this folded up look.

Or, you can unsnap them, to open it up more.  I thought this was a pretty neat feature, and I had never seen this on another handbag before.

I love that this handbag has the short shoulder straps on the front and back, but it also has a longer shoulder strap coming out from the top.  I prefer using a longer shoulder strap.  It was a little bunched up by the time I received it, but I think over a little time, it will straighten itself out more.

The detailing on this handbag is so beautiful.  I love this metal clip on the front.

There are little knobs on the bottom of the handbag, which is great for keeping your handbag standing upright when you set it down on a flat surface.

This is the inside of the pocket on the front of the handbag.  Again, lots of room in there!

Overall, I am very pleased with this handbag.  I love the color, the size, the quality and the style of it.  This handbag is priced at $48.00, which is a bit more than I would normally pay for a handbag, but this one seems to be very high quality, so I think it’s definitely a great investment.  This would make a lovely Christmas gift for a special lady in your life too!

Want this handbag?  Get it at Oasap today!

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  1. marina says:

    I ordered the very same bag for my sister assuming it would be “rose” colored so was quite unhappy about the “happy” pink in the pack. Oh well…lets just hope she likes it!

  2. Yes, it is quite PINK isn’t it? :)
    I’m sure it will go great with a black outfit. :)

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