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Halloween is one of the most important events of the fall season. Leading up to this day, there are many exciting events such as costume parties, fall festivals and fairs that encourage party guests to dress in their favorite costume. While Halloween can be exciting, it can also be a drain on a family’s budget to purchase a costume that will only be worn once a year.

Additionally, many costumes are simply tossed out after Halloween is over, leading to even more waste. For this reason, the following tips are offered to help you to plan for an enjoyable Halloween that will result in a memorable costume that will stay within a sensible budget:

Do Your Own Makeup

Scary masks, wigs and other types of costume accessories can be expensive. Additionally, wearing a mask all night can become hot and uncomfortable. Many masks also obscure a person’s vision. This can make them unsuitable for young children who may be participating in trick-or-treating events or fall carnivals.

For this reason, many costumes can be adapted to accommodate a makeup style that can be done at home. For example, black eyeliner can be used to draw whiskers and fur for a cat costume. Additionally, makeup can be used to create a glamorous look for mermaids, renaissance maidens and prom queens. Special make up kits can even be found that can create a scary effect such as blood or wounds.

halloween make up

Choose Reusable Costumes

When it comes to planning a Halloween budget, costumes are usually the greatest expense. However, you can make your costume money go further by selecting one that can be used year after year. For example, a basic cape can be used to create either a vampire costume or to dress up a magician outfit.

vampire costume

Additionally, renaissance costumes can be worn even after Halloween at special parties and fairs. Many costumes can also be used for children’s dress-up trunks as well as for school plays. When you choose a costume that has the potential to be worn more than once, then you will be able to enjoy your investment for a longer period of time.

Simplify Accessories

Costume accessories should be kept simple in order to avoid going over budget. In fact, most people will find that carrying around large accessories can be cumbersome when out trick-or-treating or enjoying a special event. For this reason, you can select one simple accessory that complements your outfit.

For many costumes, these accessories can be found at home. For example, a chef may only need an apron while a doctor may wear a stethoscope. By avoiding going overboard on accessories, you will be able to attract more attention to your unique costume.

chef costume

Shopping for Halloween items on a budget can be easily achieved by keeping a few basic ideas in mind. Because many costumes and accessories are only worn once a year, they quickly add up to wasted funds. For this reason, you should choose your costume according to its ability to be worn again while selecting simple accessories that will complement their costume’s style.

This way, you will be able to save money this Halloween season while still taking part in the exciting fall festivities.


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