Arbor Mist Introduces Frozen Wine Cocktails! Quick & Easy – No Blender Required!!


I absolutely love Arbor Mist wines.  I’m not really too big on normal wines usually, but these ones are very fruity and flavorful, and go down nice and smooth.  They are the perfect “girly drink”, but I know men who enjoy them too!

I love all of the different flavors they have to choose from.  Did you know they have 14??  With so many available, you’re sure to find a few that you’ll love too!  I have been drinking Arbor Mist wines for years, and was excited to hear that they recently came out with a collection of frozen wines!  I love frozen cocktails, and I bet these are really delicious!

Arbor Mist Frozen Wines come in three different flavors – White Pear Pinot Grigio, Blackberry Merlot, and Strawberry White Zinfandel.  How great do those sound??


arbor mist frozen wines

What I think is really great about these frozen wines, is that they come in ready-made pouches.  The fruity drinks are already mixed up in the pouch, so you don’t have to buy ice, or clean up a big mess in your blender!  You simply pop these pouches in the freezer, and after they’ve had time to freeze, squeeze them out into your wine glass!  How easy is that?!

Arbor Mist Frozen Wines would be a great way to relax and unwind at the end of the night, and they’d be a huge hit at parties too!  Dig out your cooler, throw a bunch of Arbor Mist Frozen Wines in there, and your guests can enjoy frozen beverages all night, without you having to lift a finger!  I can’t wait to get together with some of my best girl friends and kick back some of these tasty drinks!

Are you a fan of Arbor Mist wines too?  Which flavor of these new frozen wines are you most interested in trying?  I think I’d have to say the Strawberry White Zinfandel!

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arbor mist frozen wines

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