Sustainable & Stylish Clothing and Accessories on the Cheap!


Do you think sustainable & stylish clothing and accessories have to be outrageously priced?  Well, think again!  With Zulily’s sale on “Of The Earth” closing and accessories, you won’t have to dole out a whole bunch of money to buy sustainable & stylish goods.

Headed to the grocery store or local Farmer’s Market?  Take this Rosin Organic Shopper with you!  There’s a cute little pocket on the outside to slip your cell phone or  wallet into, and this looks much more attractive than a plastic bag!  You will get a lot of use out of this bag.  It’s made from 60% organic cotton, and 40% hemp, making it very sturdy, and environmentally friendly.  Now that’s something you can feel really good about!

Organic Shopping Bag

Can you guess how much you’d have to pay for this?  $20?  Nope, try only $7.99!!  Isn’t that a fantastic price?!  This would make an excellent Christmas gift too!

Next, we have this Rosin Crossbody Bag, that I have completely fallen in love with.  This bag is so my style and is also made from 60% organic cotton, and 40% hemp.  This bag is priced at only $8.99!!  Can you believe that?!

Crossbody Bag

Want an organic wallet to match either of the bags above?  Well, you’re in luck!  Take a look at this Rosin Organic Wallet, once again made from 60% organic cotton, and 40% hemp. This cute little wallet has one zipper opening, and is perfect for carrying your money and credit cards!  This is priced at only $6.99!  This wallet also comes in Jasper Green, Black Licorice, and Purple!

Organic Wallet

Rosin Organic Wallet

Looking for an eco-friendly bag for your iPad?  Check out this Rosin iPad Bag, also made from 60% organic cotton and 40% hemp.  This bag is fitted specifically for an iPad, and sports a fully padded, zip-up front compartment, built-in front organizer pouch and Velcro back pocket.  This bag also comes in Black Licorice, Jasper Green, Blackberry, Olive, and a very lovely Blue shade, and the price is only $13.99!

iPad Bag

Want an eco-friendly hat to pull your look together?  Take a look at these adorable ones.  First up is this Organic Lightside Baseball Hat for Women.  It’s only $8.99 and made from 100% organic cotton.  This hat also comes in Seal Brown and Cypress Organic.

Organic Hat

Then, there is also this absolutely adorable Eagle Beanie, made from 100% merino wool, and priced at only $6.99!  This beanie comes in this lovely shade of Aqua, Natural (a beautiful light green color), and Blackberry.  A red shade is available for $8.99 also.

wool beanie

There were also some very lovely clothes available, but most of them seem to have gone out of stock very quickly as I am writing this!  Head on over and see if you can find any that are still available.  Remember, you’ll find these items under the “Of The Earth” sale.  Hurry, this sale ends Friday, August 24, 2012 at 6am PTD!

In order to view this sale, you will need to sign up for a FREE account with Zulily.  I’ve had one for quite a while now, and I’m always finding high quality goods at low prices on their site.  I have been very pleased with all of my orders as well.

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