10 Great Kitchen Organization Products to Make Your Life Easier!


I have kitchen organization on the brain today.  I’m going to be moving into a smaller space this Fall, and I have really got to find some solutions to maximize the space in my kitchen, and make it easier for me to find things.  The kitchen in the house I live in now is huge, so my lack of kitchen organization hasn’t really been too big of an issue, but it’s still really bothersome to see how messy it looks every time I open one of my cabinet doors.

Here are some great kitchen organization products I found to help me get the most of out my kitchen space.  If you could use a little help in the kitchen organization department too, then check them out!

Kitchen Organization Products

1.  Maximize Your Kitchen Cabinet Space

Do you feel like your cabinets are always cluttered and you never really have enough room to store all of your dishes properly?  Maximize your kitchen cabinet space with a Kitchen Cabinet Organizer!  This organizer is great for holding dinnerware, mugs, cans, etc.  The white color coordinates well with a variety of colors and finishes, and will look great in your kitchen!

kitchen cabinet organizer

2.  Organize Your Kitchen Wraps for Easy Viewing

I don’t know about you, but I have a whole drawer full of different kitchen wraps.  They are just all piled in there, on top of one another, and it makes it really hard for me to find what I’m looking for.  I end up having to pull out nearly every box some times just to get to the one I want.  Sometimes I cut my hand on the jagged edge of the boxes too while I’m digging around in there.  It’s definitely not fun!

I love this Kitchen Wrap Organizer! How much easier would this make my life??  So much!  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to easily see all of your kitchen wraps, and just grab the one you want within seconds?

kitchen wrap organizer

Here’s another one that you can attach to a shelf!

kitchen shelf wrap organizer

3.  Organize Your Muffin Tins, Cutting Boards & Baking Pans

Currently, all of my flat housewares – muffin tins, cutting boards, baking pans, etc., are taking up a huge amount of space in one of my cabinets.  They are all just piled in there on top of each other, and when I am trying to find something in particular, it gets pretty noisy with me banging everything around trying to find what I am looking for!

This Better Houseware Organizer would help me out immensely.  This would save a lot of room in my cabinet and also make it very easy for me to quickly find and grab what I want, without making any loud banging noises!

Houseware Organizer

4.  Organize Your Pans

Here’s another great organizing product I need!  Just like my baking sheets, cutting boards, etc., my pans are a complete mess inside my cabinet.  With this 5 Tier Pan Organizer, storing your pans is easy!

Pan Organizer

5.  Organize Your Spices

Are you looking for a better way to organize your spices?  My spice cabinet leaves much to be desired.  I can never seem to find what it is I am looking for.  With so many different spices in my cabinet, it’s hard for me to know what’s actually in there, and I end up buying spices I already have, simply because I could not find them in there!  What a waste of money, and a constant source of frustration for me!

I am in love with this Spice Organizer.  Look how easy it is to find spices now!  No more cluttered mess of spices in the cabinet makes me a happy cook!

spice organizer

6.  Organize Your Seasoning Packets, Dip Mixes & Spice Pouches

I like to keep a fair amount of seasoning packets, dip mixes & spice pouches on hand.  These are an easy way to add flavor to my dishes, and they are really cheap, so I can stock up on a bunch of them at a time.  Finding a place to store them, always seems to cause a problem though.  They don’t really store very well just on their own, as they get lost in amongst the other stuff in my pantry.

This Seasoning Packet Organizer is such a great idea!  It will keep all of your seasoning packets, dip mixes and spice pouches in one place, and makes it easy to find the one you are looking for.

Seasoning Packet Organizer

7.  Organize Your Snacks

If you like to keep a good stock of individually wrapped snack foods in the house, then you’ll want to check out this Snack Bin.  This is a great way to keep your snacks in one place, so you can easily grab one and go!

snack bin

8.  Organize Your Plastic Bags

I have a little secret… I have a cabinet in my laundry room that houses plastic shopping bags.  Lots and lots of plastic shopping bags.  They are all just kind of thrown in there, and about 5 or so spill out every time I open the cabinet door!  The cabinet is such a mess, but I don’t want to throw my bags away.  I use them quite often – as trash bags for my bathroom trash, to send company home with leftovers when they come to visit, to send my sisters home with freebies I have collected when they come to visit, etc.

This Plastic Bag Holder would be a lifesaver for me!  You can hang it right over the cabinet door, and it will hold those pesky plastic bags in a much better way.  I love the little hole on the front of it, making it easy to pull a bag out when you want one.

plastic bag holder

9.  Organize Your K-Cups

If you have a Keurig, then you most likely keep lots of different K-cups on hand.  I do, anyway.  I’ve always got a huge variety of k-cups, so that I, and my company, have lots of options to choose from.

This cool little K-Cup Storage Drawer is awesome!  It saves valuable counter & cabinet space by allowing you to store your k-cups right underneath your Keurig!  Simply slide the drawer out and grab your favorite k-cup!

K-Cup Organizer

10.  Organize Your Cans

Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to organize all of your cans so you can easily see what you have in stock in your pantry?  Take a look at this Organize It All Can Rack. What an awesome idea!

Can Organizer

I know with the use of these great products, I can save valuable time and space in my kitchen.  That makes me very happy!

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