30,000 BIC Pens Up for Grabs!! I Won, Did You?!


I have been loving all of these BIC pen giveaways lately!  Who doesn’t love BIC Pens?!  I have won two BIC Mark it Pens, and today I just won a BIC Atlantis Pen!

Bic Atlantis Pen

BIC Pens are awesome.  I had to create two posters for an upcoming benefit dinner for my father, and I used the BIC Mark It Pens to write on them.  They look amazing!!  BIC Pens never disappoint.  They always write great, with a smooth and clean look.

Now through August 30th, from 12:00pm ET and 10:00pm ET each day, head on over to the BIC Pen Pals Facebook Page, and enter for your chance to win one too!  They’ll be giving away 100 pens per hour during those hours!  If you don’t get one on your first try, come back and try again.  I got mine on my second try!  *Open to US Only.


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  1. hollie n. says:

    i got a pen from their last giveaway and i’m going to try again for this one too! i love their pens!

  2. Diana Beatty says:

    yes Mindy I finally won a pen after a few tries I know I will enjoy this pen bic been around for ages but, they make great pens that last

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