Your Choice of 2 Slap Watches, Only $12.00 Shipped!!


Are you a child of the 90′s like me?  If so, I’m sure you probably remember those slap bracelets everyone was crazy about, including me!  I remember walking down to the drug store with my best friend on many Summer days.  We’d buy a bunch of penny candy and a slap bracelet or two.  We thought we were sooooo cool!  I remember all the funky designs and colors they came in, and how neat it was watching it instantly whirl around your wrist with just a light slap.

Did you know they now make slap watches too??  My 10 year old self would be so into these!  Right now you can choose 2 slap watches, for only $12.00, plus FREE SHIPPING!!  This is a $30 value, so that’s a really great deal!  Stick one of these in your child’s stocking this Christmas, and they’ll be in for a real treat!

You can choose from 13 beautiful colors:

and, 2 different sizes (child or adult) too!

This great deal will only be around for a few days, so head on over and get your choice of 2 slap watches today!

These watches would be great to wear at the beach, camping, hiking, etc., when you don’t want to wear your expensive one.  It’s not a huge investment, so if you lose it, get it wet, or scratch it up, it can be easily replaced.



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