Don’t Butcher Your Budget, Save on Meat!


This is a guest post from Kate Sorensen of Coupon Cravings.

Saving money while shopping is much easier than it used to be with online coupon sites. This can help reduce your bill for many grocery store items. But what can you do when there are no coupons for items you want to purchase? The price of meat keeps rising and you’ll rarely find a coupon online for fresh cuts of meat. It may lead you to consider going meatless from time to time to reduce costs. This isn’t a bad idea, both for your wallet and for your health. However, there are other ways to cut your spending on meat.

  •  Stretch your meat supply. suggests that by adding breadcrumbs or oats to your ground meat you can make it go farther. The best part is you won’t be able to tell the difference! Just keep in mind that you may have to add something to ensure all the ingredients stick together, like water, eggs, or milk.
  • Buy family packs. Butchers often package some meat into larger “family packs.” These meat packages often cost less per pound than other smaller packages. You can divide the meat up once you get home and freeze it in smaller Ziploc bags so you’ll have the right amounts portioned out for your meals.
  • Buy the “Manager’s Special.” It might be called by another name, but either way it means discounted meat. The meat usually gets discounted the closer it gets to its “sell by” date. explains that the next time you’re at the grocery store, you can check these “sell by” dates and return closer to that date. Chances are you will find some of the meat on sale. 
  • Buy online. Yes, you can even buy your meat online, and you can often find it for a good price. and Omaha Steaks are two locations that sell meat at a discount on the internet. Look for deals as much as 50% off with free shipping. You have the added benefit of getting your meat delivered right to your door. 
  • Buy new or lesser-known cuts of meat. According to, many restaurants are switching to lesser-known cuts of meat to cut costs. These meats can still produce good flavor. You just need to be open to something less traditional, like “feather” steak or “Denver steak”. You’ll spend less money but still end up with a quality chunk of meat. 

Planning meals can be hard, especially when trying to fit your grocery trips into a budget. When you’re at the store, you may find yourself shocked by the price of the meat you need for your next dinner. But don’t fret. Instead look for ways to get the meat you need at a fraction of the price. They are out there if you pay attention. 

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