RIP Sherman Hemsley (a/k/a George Jefferson)


I remember watching The Jeffersons quite often when I was a little girl.  Mostly, I’d watch it at my grandparents’ house.  They were huge fans of the show.  That show, among others like M*A*S*H and The Andy Griffith Show, always bring back good memories of the times I spent at their house.  Isn’t it funny the things we remember from our childhood?

The Jeffersons was a spinoff of “All in the Family“, and starred Sherman Hemsley, as the loud-mouthed George Jefferson, and centers around his family and their new lifestyle in a ritzy apartment on Manhattan’s East Side.  Sherman Hemsley played George Jefferson’s pompous and feisty character very well.  He was a character everyone loved, even though he had a huge chip on his shoulder and spoke his mind, quite often in a rude manner.   He made it…funny.  Isabel Sanford’s supporting role as George Jefferson’s kind-hearted and devoted wife, “Weezie” , was also very memorable.

Sadly, Sherman Hemsley passed away today, July 24, 2012, at the age of 74.  He was a fabulous actor, and will be greatly missed in the acting community.

If you’ve never seen The Jeffersons, I would highly recommend it.  It’s good for some laughs.  Who can forget the wisecracks shared between George Jefferson and his maid, Florence?  If you have seen The Jeffersons, why not take a stroll down memory lane?  You can start with The Jeffersons, Season 1, for only $14.84.

the jeffersons

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  1. Diana Beatty says:

    yes who could forget George Jefferson love watching all the shows he was in will miss him also great man who had great talents thanks for sharring this

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