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Back to School

It’s that time of year again!  The kids will be back to school before you know it.  Have you done your back to school shopping yet?  If you’ve still got some back to school shopping left to do, or if you haven’t even started yet, here are some great tips to help you save money this year.


  • Make a Shopping List - You know how you end up saving more money while grocery shopping if you have prepared a shopping list ahead of time?  Well, back to school shopping is no different.  Make a list of what back to school items your child needs, and how many of each, and stick to it.  If you just wander around the stores without a plan, you’ll end up buying things you don’t need, forgetting things you do need, and completely blowing your back to school budget.  A back to school shopping list will help you stay on track.  Make sure to cross items off your list as you get them.  Not only will this save you time and money, but it will provide you with the motivation you need to keep going.  You’ll breathe a big sigh of relief every time you cross an item off the list, and when you’ve crossed the final item off the list, you’ll be DONE!!  Here is a great back to school shopping checklist for your reference.
  • Hit the End of Summer Sales - Kids can wear short sleeve shirts year round, so stock up on them when they go on sale or clearance at the end of Summer.  If you live in an area where it gets cold, the kids can wear a long-sleeve shirt underneath to add extra warmth, and create a cute & fun layered look.  You could even buy a few tank tops on clearance, that your kids can wear under a long-sleeve shirt or sweater for a pop of color.
  •  Take Advantage of Layaway - Some stores, like K-Mart, offer layaway programs.  Layaway is great, because you can get your shopping out of the way early on, even if you don’t have the money to pay for it yet.  If you are waiting for money to come in at the end of the Summer to pay for back to school clothes & supplies, you may end up rushing around at the last minute, and missing out on the good sales.  Watch the sales at stores that offer layaway. When you see items you need on sale, go get them and put them on layaway.  Then, you’ll have several weeks to pay off your balance, instead of having to come up with a huge chunk of money all at once.
  • Check out Yard Sales and Thrift Stores - Yard sales and thrift stores can usually be a great source for kids’ clothing, at rock bottom prices.  Spend some time checking out the yard sales and thrift stores in your area, and see what you can find.  You should be able to find some clothes that are like new, at only a fraction of the original price.  No one will ever know you didn’t pay top dollar for them!
  •  Find the Right Fit for Your Child - Children will grow over the course of the school year, so when you do your back to school shopping, make sure that you buy clothes that your child fits comfortably in, but also allow a little bit of room for growth.  Avoid buying clothes that are just “alright” in the fit department.  If the item is even just a wee bit too small, but you think it will pass for now, don’t buy it.  Find something else that your child won’t outgrow so quickly.  The same goes for shoes.
  • Maximize Your Child’s Wardrobe - If you’ve ever watched “What Not to Wear”, then you know that one of Stacy and Clinton’s best tips is to maximize your wardrobe.  The same advice goes for your child’s wardrobe.  When you’re doing your back to school shopping, try to buy pieces that your child can mix and match to create new looks.  For example, don’t buy a shirt that only goes with one pair of pants, etc.  If you do that, you will really limit your child’s wardrobe options.  Try to buy pieces that will all look good together, no matter how you pair them.  This will really open up your child’s options, so they won’t get bored with their clothing. You can also buy a few inexpensive accessories to add a pop of color when necessary.

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Do you have any other tips for back to school shopping?  Share them in the comments below!


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