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Listening to great music is definitely one of my favorite things to do, and especially in the Summer time.  There are so many awesome songs out there right now.  I’ve really been into a lot of alternative music lately.  I’m listening to a beautiful song called White Blank Page by Mumford & Sons right now.  What are your favorite songs on your iPod or MP3 Player?

Right now you can enter to win a $50 iTunes gift card from Ebony Parent.  Just imagine all the great fun-in-the-sun tunes you’ll be able to download with that!   Take your new tunes with you when you head to the pool, beach, gym, or your child’s next play date!  Don’t miss your chance at winning a whole bunch of great music for FREE!  This sweepstakes ends on July 9, 2012, so enter today!

*After you register, you’ll be taken through a series of other offers. If you’re not interested, you can either click through or just exit.

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