IT’S OFFICIAL!! I’m in Love… with Devilishly Delicious Dips!!


I first heard of Tammy and her home-based company, Devilishly Delicious Dips, through my best friend’s cousin.  I stalked visited Tammy’s website for a while, drooling over all of the different dry dip mixes she has for sale.  My usual dip mix consisted of a container of sour cream and a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix.  That stuff is nice to have every once in a while, but eating it over and over and over again, can get really old!

I was amazed at all of the different flavors of dry dip mixes that Tammy has for sale in her store. Her savory flavors include Onion, Taco, Bacon, Loaded Baked Tater and Garlic Lovers.  Not only does she have these savory flavors, but she also has a great selection of sweet dry dip mixes too! I didn’t even know that you could buy such a thing!  Her sweet dip mixes include Lemonade, Butterscotch Sprinkle, Chocolate Malt, Warm Cinnamon Sugar, Pineapple Coconut, and her newest flavor, Birthday Cake.  Tammy’s store also includes two dry rubs – Benton’s Blackened Rub and Benton’s Sweet Black Pepper Rub, as well as Benton’s Seasoning Salt.

One day, I finally worked up the nerve to ask Tammy if she’d be interested in letting me do a review of some of her dip mixes on my site, and I could not have been happier when she said yes! Tammy is seriously one of the most friendly, easy going people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and her dry dip mixes are fantastic!  I was so impressed with these new dip flavors. Read my first review of Tammy’s dry dip mixes HERE.

I use Tammy’s dry dip mixes quite often.  They are not just for dipping, and can be used in lots of recipes!  Read my second review HERE.

I love Tammy’s dry dip mixes so much, that here I am, with a THIRD review!  This time I used her Loaded Baked Tater dry dip mix.  You will not believe how wonderful it smells.  I am a huge fan of mashed potatoes, and I just knew I had to try mixing this particular dip mix into them.  I whipped up my mashed potatoes as usual, only adding in some of this delicious seasoning, which includes bits of bacon and chives.  Mashed potatoes had never tasted so good!  This dip mix added so much flavor to my otherwise plain & boring potatoes.  They were incredible!  Just look at the little bits of flavor all through those potatoes.  Don’t they look amazing??  I have since tried this dip mix over a baked potato as well, and I don’t think I’ll ever eat a plain baked potato again!

I am about to place another order with Devilishly Delicious Dips.  I just can’t get enough of them! They are so great when you want to add a little something extra to your meal or dessert.  Use the sweet mixes in frosting and cake mixes, kick up those boring mashed potatoes with a little seasoning, mix with cream cheese to make a scrumptious cheese ball or to spread over your morning bagel, sprinkle over popcorn, or into your hot cocoa.  The possibilities are endless!

Having company over?  Treat their tastebuds to something out of this world!  Forget that same old ranch dip mix.  Everybody and their brother serves that to their guests.  Make your guests feel extra special by serving them one of Tammy’s recipes featuring her dry dip mixes.  Your guests will be amazed and your party will be a huge hit!

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Disclosure:  I received no compensation for this post.  I am just a huge fan of Devilishly Delicious Dips!

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