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This week I have once again joined Matter of Cents and Views from the Ville in their “Pin Me” Pinterest Hop: Spring Break!  It has been YEARS since I had a Spring Break.  The last time I actually went on a vacation (away from home) was in April of 2006, a full six years ago!  I would so love the chance to go on a Spring Break!  If you had a Spring Break and could go anywhere you wanted to, where would you go?  Here’s where I would go:

That vacation in 2006, was a cruise to the Caribbean!  I spent a full day in Grand Cayman, and I absolutely fell in love with it!  I would go back there in a heart beat!

I’d go back to swim with the stingrays again at Stingray City:

Source: google.com via Jeanne on Pinterest

Yes, the water was really that clear and the skies were really that blue!  It was an absolutely gorgeous day out when I went, and I had such a great time swimming with the stingrays.  The guides picked the stingrays up and placed them on our backs.  They give massages!!  It’s a bit scary, but really cool at the same time!

While there, I also got to visit a turtle farm!


There were so many turtles there – little baby ones and old, HUGE ones!

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I even got to hold one of the little baby ones. You would not believe how strong those little things are.  He was fighting with all he had to get away from me, and I had a hard time keeping a hold on him!

We also got to visit the Tortuga Rum Factory!

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There, they sell some AWESOME rum cakes and many other products! They had samples of each of their cakes out for people to taste, and I loved them all!! I brought home a small original flavored one, and a large banana flavored one. Let’s just say, they didn’t last very long!

Source: moneysavingmindy.com via Mindy on Pinterest

We also got to visit this really cool place there called “Hell”. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds!


It was the most incredible rock formations I have ever seen!

Source: fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net via CJ on Pinterest

The little shop there had a bunch of souvenirs, and you could even send someone a postcard with the return address of “Hell” stamped on it! lol

We also ate at Hard Rock Cafe in Grand Cayman for lunch.  It was the first (and only) time I have ever eaten at Hard Rock Cafe, and the food was amazing!  I had a bbq pulled pork sandwich and an awesome drink (don’t recall exactly what it was, but it was some sort of mudslide drink), in a very tall Hard Rock Cafe hurricane glass.

Source: Uploaded by user via Jessica on Pinterest

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Grand Cayman, and was very sad to leave after being there for only 8 hours.  I would absolutely love to go back there and spend at least a week soaking up all of the beauty this island has to offer.  I love that it’s not really a touristy place.  The people there are very upscale and classy, but were also very friendly.  On our cruise, we also visited Mexico and Jamaica, and I can honestly say, I do not miss either of those places!  The second we stepped foot off of the cruise ship in each of those places, we were swarmed by locals trying to peddle their stuff.  We did not have to deal with that at all in Grand Cayman.

When we arrived in Grand Cayman, we took a bus tour of the whole island.  Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly.  Grand Cayman was very clean, unlike Mexico and Jamaica.  There were also tons of chickens on the island!  Our tour guide told us they were like their equivalent of our stray cats here in the state.  They just roam around free and unbothered!

If you’re looking for a cool place to visit for Spring Break, I’d highly recommend Grand Cayman.  I really hope to make it back there myself some day, for more than just a day!

Come link up with us and let us know where you’d go for Spring Break if you had the chance!

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